For Someone I called Myself

Please breath. I know you’re gasping some air to breath. Your heart cringes ’cause the pain is slowly zapping you inside. Your head is in chaos whether you ignore those what you coined “crappy” moments and your eyes are blurry. All those emotions you have inside want to burst yet they can’t. Your voice hid in these times that you want to shout. Your pupils already have waters for your fingers ready to shed. You have tons of questions that you want to find the answers, but you are afraid to ask. Afraid that answers will just give you disappointment.

Hang on. It may be too difficult to find sanity now, you’ll get it later anyway.  No one said, it’s wrong to be angry.  Just let it be. Cry as much as you want. Shout if you need to. Or if not, grab your pen and let your thoughts filled the paper on your table.

Calm yourself. Reflect afterwards. Forgive that person who made you feel that way and most of all, forgive yourself. You’re just a part of a human race. It’s okay to feel all of those emotions. Then, smile and keep going.


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