SCAMMED BY A FOREIGNER: Who’s the real victim?

Past 11 of a Monday night…I was on my way to work, when a foreigner approached me. He was with his son Jason, he claimed. The old man was very exhausted and sweaty. He said they were from BGC on their way to a bus terminal in Cubao when they were robbed. His story was very convincing.

The old man said, they need P360 to be able to go back at their home in Iba, Zambales. (Which is a reasonable amount for a bus fare.)

The researcher alter ego of mine came out. I asked him random questions like what happened, how did he get robbed, did he already report the incident and so on. I didn’t doubt at all. I actually have empathy to foreigners who were scammed here in Philippines. Knowing that more Filipinos are now becoming swindlers. I believed him. So, I asked him to wait outside the convenience store. Bought him water and snacks, then gave him the amount he needed and some extra money.

I even gave him my name and contact number. Then, asked him to contact me once they’re in Zambales for me to check if they arrived home safe. He thanked me and I watched them walked away.

Later, I found out from a security staff in my workplace that I was scammed. I immediately searched his name on the internet.

And this is what I found:



That was the exact person who approached me. And the story that he said to Nins Mendoza, a netizen, was the exact story he told me when the incident happened.

So, who’s the victim?

Yes, I was tricked by I don’t think that I am the victim. I chose to help him—I just chose to help a wrong guy. Nevertheless, the moment I decided to hand him the money, I was already decided to let go of it.

The real victim here is the poor child Jason. He is being used and abused. I really can’t imagine, how’s the life of that child would be. I’m really curious. How does the child feels every time that man drag him around Metro Manila and witness his so-called “father” tell lies to people.

I wish to see them again and save Jason.


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