hi, coffee friends!


Thankful for the stipend!

So here I am listening to Sky Podcast entitled “Unhappy Achiever”. The topic resonates a lot and I wanted to build this habit of highlighting my small wins and little…

Can’t get enough of July!

Yes, it’s my favorite month! This year has been more meaningful. It’s not just because I celebrated my birth month by traveling for 2 weeks straight but I had it…

Am I enough?

The way I combat this lately is simply allowing myself to savor the emotion (doubt, anger, fear and etc). Then, remind yourself the achievements you have accomplished and the areas…

First Yoga Sesh with Mom

Yoga heals your body by breathing and doing it together with a loved one, it was beyond healing. First timers might find the poses awkward but I’m glad that I’m…


Welcome to the show! The “My Coffee Stories” Podcast is a platform where I share my daily life stories and simple how-to’s over a cup of coffee!

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I prefer to be heard than to be seen! Hi Coffee Friends, I’m Marfe! I intentionally did not put my face here ’cause I’d rather be judged on what I say than how I look. Well, that’s just an excuse! I have a lot of insecurities but at least this platform gives me confidence to express what’s in my head!

Join me, as I grow in this adulting journey! Let’s discover ourselves more by talking it out over a cup of coffee!

Thanks a bunch, Coffee Friends! My Coffee Stories

Surprise!! Publishing an episode consistently. Yaaay!  Alam ko, I've been very inconsistent this year but I'm still overwhelmed with all the love I received for this podcast! It's still a passion project I can't let go no matter what and I feel like this is a safe space for me to share my life ganaps on the web. I can see myself growing in this podcast and I'd be happy to do more of it this coming 2023!! I'll talk to you more ❤ — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/mycoffeestories/support
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