Spent days thinking of a suitable and perfect name for my blog. I want it to be a mirror of me who likes to travel, loves creating art stuff, is boring, and sometimes is an introvert. I tried to focus on one element…but at the end of the day, I felt that ‘there was something really wrong. Yes,  I love wandering around. But, how about my other interests? Japanese Anime, Korean Dramas, and Language? It took me a long before I finally realized the perfect title that will cater to everything I want to share. And…that is no other than MY NAME, and how I describe my obsession with jotting.


They call me MARFE, which came from a typical name formula of Filipinos: POP’s name + MOM’s name= ME. I am Marfe Laurio. A media practitioner, poor travel blogger (’cause I like it cheap), art lover, self-proclaimed critique, and student of lessons that life has to teach. I blog my travels trying to relate to other ordinary wanderers. Sharing the experience and learning I have learned that helped me mold who I am…now.


(Got you! I know you’ll ask that.)

There’s only one reason for that. It is because I always carry a notebook and pen with me. It became a habit to jot down random things. (Even though there’s not much to write, I still write.) I started it as early as 12 and finished less than 10 notebooks for my daily logs. I treasured them but sometimes can’t help to laugh and be embarrassed at some memories.

Looking forward to getting to know you too. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well. Just say hi and give me a beep at marfelaurio@gmail.com.

Let’s not stop creating memories!