Frozen Yet Warm Visit | Seoul, South Korea Trip (Winter, 2017)

It has been always such a wishful fantasy for me to actually walk under the snow fall and experience Winter.

Who could ever thought that a group of stingy friends who would usually argue where to eat the cheapest decided for a 10-Day trip in Seoul, South Korea just because of a Korean Variety Show! (2 Days and 1 Night! Donggu-ssi saranghae!! ❤️)

(Sadly, as of 2019 the show has stopped airing due to big scandal that includes one of the members. 😢)

25398400_1717749664912974_4237494162394604600_o 25398154_1717740221580585_2307411700836307876_o

2Days and 1Night was a Korean Travel Show that caters the beauty of Korea. But, it was not the typical formal travel show that you know. Members would play games and whoever lose the game won’t have a chance to eat the signature dishes famous from places they visit.

Korean culture, food and places are already interesting. AND, the show made it more alluring. So, our first target in Seoul? Of course, it’s non other than food, food and more food!

But then, I just realized after browsing our photos that we only had few shots of the food we had. Obviously, we devoured it too much.

Tipid Tips:

Aside from fish cakes, gyeran-bbang is one of the best street food to eat on a Korean winter night. It only costs 2,000 won. And seriously, I can live just by this!


Gyeran-bbang (c/o Gel Lee)

Also, don’t forget to try these other cheap yet mouthwatering Korean streetfood:

-Korean Hotdog (try it with chopped potatoes)
-YANGNYEOM CHICKEN (don’t leave Korea without trying this!)

25394948_1717732584914682_4215035095322369757_o 25488418_1717730974914843_3387634458963924324_o (1)

We set up a meeting twice before our trip and discussed how to save money. If you’re traveling with a group, make sure that you are all in the same page.

Here are some things to include your checklist:


plan and traffic the places you want to go. It will lessen the time arguing on where to go or what to do next


I learned this from my friend Jan. It is basically “your day” to spend on your own. Your friends might want to go to places that you dislike, so better to go by yourself


Personally, museums and parks are my personal favorite! In South Korea, take the chance to visit free places like Seoul National Forest~ my fave! If you extra budget, you can visit palaces for 10,000 won below. Although, I did not try wearing a “hanbok” (Korean Traditional dress) its also a must try.

If you go on Google, there are many suggestions of free places to visit near your hotels or airbnb. Be extra adventorous and go to not-so-common-tourists spots. 😉 #mrf


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