Can’t get enough of July!

Yes, it’s my favorite month!

This year has been more meaningful. It’s not just because I celebrated my birth month by traveling for 2 weeks straight but I had it with someone dear to me. Let’s just say, he’s someone I cherish.

We’re keeping the business private but because of this person, I’m happy to share that I’m starting to like the beach! Never a fan of salty water and scorching heat but surfing made me excited to visit the beach. Surprisingly! It seems like I’m more into the challenge and slowly overcoming my fear of the unknown (as the sea seems to be unending).

Who could have imagined that during the first half of the year, I had already went to 3 different beaches (Baler, Zambales, and Phuket) and then will be visiting Bohol soon!

The idea of being in the middle of the sea was scary and suffocating for me but I thank God that this fear is slowly becoming an excitement. Just looking at how vast the ocean is, I was reminded of how little I am with all the possibilities that life has to offer! I’m just a tiny creature here on Earth and I don’t want to waste my lifetime living with fears.


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