First Yoga Sesh with Mom

“The best things in life are actually not things.” – Minimalism Life

15 minute yoga — nothing fancy but I genuinely felt that the session made me and my mom closer. Intimate— that could be the best word to describe that moment.

Yoga heals your body by breathing and doing it together with a loved one, it was beyond healing. First timers might find the poses awkward but I’m glad that I’m able to find a great Youtuber who has this ability to read her subscribers mind. Mom did an awesome job for her first session. I’m such a proud “iha”!!

The online yoga instructor has everything you need — your mood, profession, when you’re sick or having some anxiety. Yoga with Adrien has all these videos I need. Glad she exists!

Looks very peaceful. I know! I’d love the breath in this tranquility only if available in our town. 🍃

Most sessions would only last from 10 to 15 minutes and I guess its a perfect duration when you just want to move and breath. I wish I have a wider space at home to do more yoga with the whole fam!

Mom is there in the photo. I have to get her consent first before posting it on the blog lol

I’ll be sleeping with a wide smile.

That was surely a precious moment and I know it’s up to a great start!

Cheers to more healthy days with your fam!


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