How spacing out helps me to be productive!

It’s almost 2 years now since most of us started working from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I personally got excited to work away from the office and spend more time with the fam but, things get a little bit difficult in the first few months of my adjustment period.

The dilemma:

  • Our home was not prepared for a work from home set up.
  • I get easily distracted by the noise, the food, or simple conversation with the fam.
  • Had to be mindful of the air conditioner consumption! (It’s 24/7 in the office.)
  • No pantry for free coffee, juice or ice.
  • Bed is tempting!
my first ever work set up and I know it was messy

6 months! That’s how long I had some trial and errors to finally adjust to the new normal. I remember a talk from an inspirational speaker, Mr. Francis Kong, he said that it’s okay not to be okay but we also have to take actions to get out of that situation.

When was the last time you spent a day without browsing on social media?

Have you ever deliberately just do nothing to think through things?

Doing nothing can actually help you re-calibrate your thoughts. It’s weird, because when I do not do anything, just staring in the air, a lot of ideas and realizations are coming in!

I talked about this in my podcast episode and you can listen to the full episode, HERE!

First time here? Let me tell you why this show rocks!
Listen the full episode HERE!


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