Sunday Thoughts: How’s my 2019 so far?

Hello September! /09.22.2019/ What a beautiful day 🌸

Aside from the start of a long celebration of Christmas in Philippines, its also the time of the year again for me to reflect on the things I have to accomplish this year. (Lol so early)

As much of my close friends know, I keep bunch of notebooks and that always includes a page for my “Goal”. It could be a yearly goal, a monthly goal and even a daily goal.

Every year, we have this Prayer & Fasting for the beginning of the year to prepare our hearts in the year ahead of us. I have been participating since 4 years ago, and although I admit that there were times that my body cannot hold the fasting… I am still faithful on God’s promises for me and continue praying.

My goals are always incorporated with a prayer. Some people might not know it, but as long as God is involve, I always have this trust that He will fulfill. Maybe not on the timeline that I have been wanting, but on His perfect time I know that my prayers will be more meaningful. 🧡

Today as I look back on my 2019, a lot of changes happened (career, family, relationships, surrounding and even my weight).

Truly, change is the only constant in this world, good thing we have Jesus to hold on to when times that we are being swayed by rapid changes.

So, my ultimate goal this year is to really have a solid and intimate relationship to my Great Father and be the salt & the light not just in my family but even in the middle of difficult corporate world.

I will not be swayed on the earthly changes, hence I will be still, sip my coffee and patiently talk to God with every decision that I will have.

Sorry if this post is too random, but I will be having more of this as I am zoning out often these days. 😂

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