Over an hour train and bus ride from Seoul, you will find this amazing street of Jukcheon in Gyeonggi-do.


From Seoul Station, take the subway to Jungja Station. Then, transfer to bus 116-1 going to Jukcheon.

That afternoon when we visited Gyeonggi-do, we actually went to Jungja cafe street before going to Jukcheon hoping it will be a better choice. Little did we know, the cafes in Jungja are mostly branded. It was not our target cafes so, we then decided to go to Jukcheon at night.


Seemed like I was on a Korean drama shoot when I saw the lights and the exterior of each cafes. Every structure has its own unique style! But, I only had to choose one cafe~


Among all the aesthetically built cafes, we chose to stay in this cafe called “NONAMED”. At first, you’d think that the place is garden, selling plants and varieties of flowers…but inside is actually a cozy and relaxing nook for your dose of caffein.

I really loved the coffee and the smell of flowers inside the shop.

And I thank God for giving me such opportunity to visit this place, to let me see the creativity of humans behind all these beautifully crafted furnitures and structures.

Out of the 4 seasons in Seoul, Summer is definitely my least favorite. It was so hot and humid, so I suggest to plan out a cafe hopping trip to beat the heat in Korea during this season. And Jukcheon Cafe Street is definitely should be on the list the next time you visit South Korea! ❤️


I was not able to give that much of helpful details in this entry, but if you have questions about my Jukcheon Trip feel free to comment down below. 😊 #mrf


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