Planning my Summer Trip| #TitaMarfs goes to Seoul 2019

It has been 10 months since I last visited South Korea. And yes, I am so excited!

For the past three trips I had in Seoul, it was just either cold or frozen. And, hooray it will be my first Summer in SoKor!

Even though, its Summer all year round in Manila, I cant help but daydream wearing light dresses under the Seoul warm weather~


Everything starts with a plan.

We all have our own different ways in preparing for trips, but I like it visual with my notebooks and fave pens.

This time in Seoul, I only wished to rest and sip a good cup of coffee while observing the people passing by. As I am now a legit “tita” or “ajhumma”, its now more important for me to do things slowly as possible. I want to cherish every part of my vacation and rest as much as I could. Finally, its the rest that I have been waiting for this year 2019.

So, what are things that I’m setting before my trip?

  • Documents

I have learned a lot from my experience last 2018. My flight was a connecting flight from Manila to Cebu to Incheon. Everything was so smooth from NAIA 3 to Cebu until the immigration at the Cebu International Airport held me for questioning just because I did not prepare my printed documents such as airline booking, hotel accomodation and etc. It was nerve-wracking, I didn’t know that I could experience being questioned like that.

So, learning from that, I am now securing all the documents needed in case the immigration would ask. It’s better to be ready than sorry. 😉

  • Clothes

Unlike winter and spring, it won’t be difficult for me to pack my clothes for 10 days in a small 7kg luggage.

Before the actual packing, I have watched and did my research about “Minimalism” to help me pack lightly. Although, its never easy for an over packer like me to do that hence, I’m taking the challenge!

  • Research & Schedule

As I have mentioned, I am only planning to chill and relax this time in my vacation. So, instead of getting the available Seoul itinerary on the internet, I had to do more research about good cafe streets, museums and other activities that won’t require too much energy. 😛

  • Budget

This is not something I am good at. I really suck in budgeting, but still trying to manage it. (I cannot promise tho. 😭)

Tip for those “pulubi/cheap travelers” like me, separate your budget for meals and snacks. That way, its easier for you to track the budget and adjust if possible.

  • Phone Storage

Free up your storage!

This is a good tip for those travelers who don’t own a camera. Technology now is superb that you don’t have to bring heavy equipment to get a good shot, your smartphone camera will already do and give you the same vibe or close to the shot you want.

I’m already anticipating that I will be taking a lot of photos of coffee, streets and clothes, thus I say “bye” to my old snaps in my phone storage.

I will be sharing some good coffee stops in my next blog. ❤️ #mrf