Sunday Afternoon

14th of July. Sunday. 

What a gloomy day. Sky is a bit dark,  yet the clouds are bright. I smell the sweet and burnt cookies I made last night as I sip the mixed coffee by my side.

I  am outside the store, sitting, reminiscing…wondering. Wandering from one place to another, I thought. In my mind I see places, I see people. They are all in the past, but the memories are too fresh like the air I breath while at rest.

Gloomy, like the weather is the word in my past.

Cried and struggled, often times I did. During those Sundays, I was crumpled and teared. Have you felt, the sting from the onion cut? Those were my eyes when I heard the truth from His tongue. My heart was deeply cut.

Don’t get me wrong, He did not do anything bad. He only made me realize how my life has been, and how I can reverse it back.

My deeds are still not enough to deserve His love. But, thank you Jesus, I say. Your presence is my rest, your words are my hope, and your love is my life.

I look and stare.

Isn’t so beautiful? The vibrant green colors from the tress I see, from where I am sitting I feel so free. #mrf


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